Homes I have renovated and their inspirations. Enjoy!


Lucky Lane Asheville

5 Lucky Lane was a 1970s Deck House--a prefab high-end house you ordered from a catalog. I took out the bamboo floors that were put in years later, and replaced them with heated tile. I took out carpeting and installed heated cork floors in all the bedrooms. I collaborated with great craftsmen who saw this as a collective art project. It was all about adaptability and teamwork. The knotty cedar ceilings were a given. I did not like that style at all. But I understand the need to work with givens and preferences. The rest of the house had to enhance and reflect it. By embracing the ceiling, the resulting house surfaces were more organic and the textures and patterns were beautiful. And the kitchen, guest bathroom, and outside patio (there was none) were completely reimagined. Before and afters are here.

Mountainbrook Asheville

42 Mountainbrook Road was a 1969 brick, split-level rancher that had never been updated. It was a 4 month project. See before and afters here. The faux ceiling beams were removed, The floors were all replaced with dog-friendly tile in the public spaces and soft cork flooring in the bedrooms (I love cork. It subtly gives under big dog nails, doesn't scratch, and you can get it in any color.) Bathrooms were tiled with wall-to-wall showers and commercial windows were put in to take advantage of the glorious Asheville views. Stairs were clad in rubber commercial coverings to make it easier for the old doggies to climb. The tile they slept on was cool to the touch and easy to clean. And they approved.

details and inspiration

Every house has its own specific challenges. I had done warm and woodsy for my last house (details shown here ). And I did cream and yellow and red retro '40s before that (pictures to come). I had two 130 lb. white, wavy-haired dogs that shed 24/7, so I wanted flooring to help disguise the fur tumbleweeds. Then I inherited a cool blue '60s mosaic tile coffee table from my mom. Her signature colors were blue, green and taupe. I found this great '60s leafy toaster to sit by the kitchen window, and BAM! A color scheme was born. My mom, a toaster, and dog hair. That's all it took. It's all in the details (shown here).